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Our dispatch team will work with you to place your order for the proper concrete mix and arrange a time and date for your pour.

Placing your Ready-Mix order

It starts with a phone call. Our dispatch team will work with you to place your order for the proper concrete mix and arrange a time, date and location for your pour. Delivery schedules fill up quickly and so it is recommended that you place your order 48 hours in advance.

When placing your order, the dispatcher will want to know:

  1. Date / Time:

    The date and time for the pour. Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance.

  2. Address/Directions:

    The job-site address and/or lot number.

  3. Telephone Number:

    Preferably a mobile number so that dispatch can contact you before and after the concrete has been delivered.

  4. Mix and Slump:

    Dispatch can help you determine the proper mix and slump based on the type of project you are doing.

  5. Amount of Concrete:

    Our Dispatchers are ready to help you figure your ready mix needs when you supply them with your dimensions. Or you can use our Ready-Mix calculator on the top right of the website.

    Always order 10% extra to compensate for an uneven sub-base, spillage, spreading of forms, and settling of sub-grade. Running short can be costly in both time and money.

    Our trucks can deliver 5.4m3 per load. Our minimum delivery is 0.6m3

  6. Firm or Will Call Order:

    A firm order means that your concrete will be delivered at the agreed upon time unless you call to cancel. A will-call order means that you are expecting to pour and dispatch is expecting to deliver the concrete to you at the next available time when you call to confirm your order.

  7. Truck Spacing:

    If your order requires more than one truck, you will be asked how long you need to empty each truck.

  8. Extra Products:

    Extra products include Colour, Accelerators, Retardant


    Ever wonder how big those concrete trucks really are? Well here are some specs you will want to keep in mind when ordering concrete, to ensure MCM’s trucks will fit on your site.

    • Length: 8.5m
    • Width: 3m
    • Height: 3.6m
    • Maximum chute length: 3m

For delivery of items other than Ready-Mix concrete see our standard delivery information:

Call front office on:

(08) 9449 0220

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