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MCM Ready-Mix believes in investing in their staff by giving them the best possible tools to help them achieve our goals of being a leader in the Concrete Industry.

Our Technology

Command Batch – Is the leading Automatic Batching tool which insures that our customers get the most accurate concrete mix possible, every time.

  • Accurate mix designs certified by SIKA
  • Digital Records of each batch available for review
  • Minimizes waste

CommandConcrete – Is the latest technology in FleetManagement and computerized order taking. This insures our customers will have correct orders taken and accurate scheduling of our trucks which insures our customers get their concrete delivered on time.

  • Digital order taking – Orders are directly input into the system to avoid misinformation
  • Digital copy of all orders for future reference
  • Optimized scheduling to help customers get their concrete on time

Trimble TrimFleet TrimView – Is the leading GPS Ready-Mix technology. With this technology we provide our customers with benefits such as:

  • Give accurate travel time for our customers
  • Customers can get a digital report how much water was added onsite
  • Customers can see how long trucks are onsite

Colour Systems – MCM Ready-Mix provides our customers with a full range of colour pigments from both Concrete Colour Systems & Synergy Colours

Liquid Colour – MCM-Ready-Mix is the first to use SIKA’s ColorFlo liquid black colour system in Western Australia. This system helps our customers get the best possible shade of black no matter what amount of concrete they order.

With these technologies and our continued training of our employees at MCM helps give our customers the best possible service and concrete in the industry.

Whatever your needs are, we can support you and your team every step of the way.

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